Payment and delivery

You can pay for Prostatop capsules by bank card, wire transfer, overdraft or PayPal if you have an account. You can ask for home delivery

We use discrete packaging so you only know what's in the box.

You can get your package within 5 business days after ordering.

Ordering process:

1. On the order page of the website select the desired quantity and press the "next step" button.

2. Select the delivery method and press the "next step" button.

3. Enter the information so that the product finds you, then click the "next step" button.

4. Check your data and if you find it correct press the "next step" button.

5. Select the preferred payment method and press the "next step" button.

6. If you choose cash on delivery (c.o.d.), we send you a return email within two minutes. If you don’t find it among your emails please check the spam as well. If you accidentally did not get our return email your order has not been processed.

7. If you choose the transfer method of payment, tick on it and push the "next step" button. After that, you can see our company's bank account, a Download button and lower a Finish button. If you click on one of these, we'll send you a payment information email. You can refer to this anytime. The ordered products can be sent to you when you transfer the money and the amount is credited to our bank account. If the amount arrives we will notify you via email and will send your order within two business days.

8. If you would like to pay with Paypal, select this option and press the "continue" button. It will redirect you to Paypal within 3-5 seconds. Fill in the data here, you can pay from Paypal to Paypal. You can also pay by bank card. Paypal Payments will be instantly displayed in our system so that we send you your order the next day.